1. Admission process

    Our admission process is simple.

    We do not set a rigid or fixed time that a learner can apply for admission. You can apply to join any of our courses at any time. In order, to join a course you can any of the following steps:

    • Book appointment to meet one of our Admission Officer or Course Adviser. You can meet either our Admission Officer or Course Adviser on any one of the following  days, Monday to Thursday between 11am – 4pm. To book an appointment with our Admission Officer, you can email info@touchstone-esl.com or phone +44(0) 20 8317 8006.

    You can also use our online application form to apply to join one of our courses.

    If you will like to make an online application, please click here 

    • Entry Requirements: At Touchstone we operate an open admission which means we do not require you to have a predetermined number of GCSE qualification or any qualification. However, we will consider your previous qualifications, work experience and your determination and commitment to study. If you are relying on your work experience please bring your curriculum vitae (CV) with you when you visit us. While we do not insist on your previous qualification to join any of our programmes, we need to give you an indication of the level of skills and ability you will need to have in order to be able to succeed on our programme.
    1. Any of our Level 2 qualifications: To be able to complete our Level 2 qualifications successfully a learner must be able to read basic text without supervision for example, ability to read a newspaper, a meeting agenda and a basic sense of numeracy and literacy.
    2. Any of our Level 3 qualifications: Learners entering any of our Level 3 programmes are expected to be comfortable at reading, ability to understand relevant texts, including data handling.
    3. Any of our Level 4 qualifications: Learners entering any of our Level 4 qualifications must be proficient in reading, ability to analyse information, prepare information. Present information in a logical and coherent way.
    4. Learners on our Level 5 qualifications: Any learner on our Level 5 qualification must be able to work at second year of a UK degree programme. Learner must be able to communicate effectively, analyse problems. Solve problems and have ability to think critically.
    • Assessment Information: Assessment is the process of determining learner achievement in relation to the standards of knowledge, skills and competence so that learners can be awarded his/her qualification. At Touchstone Educational Solutions we use different assessment methods, such as:
      (a) Initial Assessment: This is the first assessment you will go through when you apply to join any of our course. The purpose of this assessment is to enable you to demonstrate your current knowledge and skills especially in numeracy and English. These assessments will also enable to determine your suitability on the course and the level of the course you choose.

    (b) Diagnostic Assessment: This assessment will enable you to discover your weakness and your strengths. This will enable us to plan your learning and the amount of support that we may need to give you.

    (c) Assessment procedure:  When you are accepted on course you will attend and induction programme. During your induction your Assessor will give you assessment information that you will be required to complete so that you successfully complete your course.

    (d) Learner responsibilities for assessment: As a learner you have some roles and responsibilities in relation to assessment you must carry out. Your roles and responsibilities are:

    (I)  attend all your planned lessons

    (II) Produce valid evidence for your work

    (III) Ensure that all your works are referenced

    (IV) Ensure that your works are your own. Do not copy other people work

    (V) Read Touchstone Educational Solutions Ltd Malpractice policy

    (VI) Submit your work on due date

    • Attendance Information: As a learner at Touchstone Educational Solutions Ltd you are required to attend your classes. If you are an Apprenticeships learner you must attend at least 20% of your time. Your employer must release from work so that you can attend. Attendance is an integral part of your learning.


    • Funding Information: At Touchstone you can apply for funding for your course. If you study any of our level 3 to 7 vocational qualifications you may be able to obtain Advanced Learner Loan, however eligibility and other conditions apply. You are free to come in to our centre to this course your funding requirements. If you are employed you may be able to study free under apprenticeships programme. If you are interested in becoming an apprentice, please contact our Admission Officer who will be glad to provide you with all necessary details.


    • Safety and Well-being Information: At Touchstone Educational Solutions we are committed to providing you with a safe place to study. We also care for your personal wellbeing while you study with us. In order to meet our learner’s needs for health and safety and wellbeing we put in place Health and Safety Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Prevent policy, Bullying and Harassment Policy. You can read all these policies on our website. All the officers that responsible for your health and safety and wellbeing are listed on this website. Information about Key Staff and their Contacts.


    • Facilities for Learners: When you join Touchstone Educational Solutions as a learner we will provide with you your own personal Assessor that will responsible for taking you through your course. Your Assessor will also support you in any area that was identified during your Initial and Diagnostic assessments. At the centre, we provide you textbooks; workbooks, handout and IT that will support you and make your learning enjoyable.